Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Childrens Mirrors

Childrens Mirrors
Childrens Mirrors

Stunningly colourful and bursting with creativity, the right children's mirror can add a fantastic design element to your child’s room or dedicated area. Placed stylishly and strategically in a study rooms, play space, bedroom, daycare or nursery, they can add a magical element to the child’s space.

Playful and not constrained by the bounds of more adult mirror styles, our exciting collection of children's mirrors are not only effective as decoration, but actually be helpful in developing a child’s social skills, with many toddlers and infants building and developing motor skills through practice and imitation in front of a mirror.

Our selection of children’s mirrors are available in different sizes, categories and types. Beautiful fairy-tale mirrors, princess frames, dinosaur designs, sports styles and even pirate-themed mirror, there’s a host of magical options to think of. In addition, many children find animal mirrors, unusually shaped mirrors, bendy mirrors and alphabet mirrors highly appealing. Shaped mirrors could take the shape and structure of a body part, or you could buy multiple mirrors that make up the letters of a child’s name, there are many ways to personalise and add value for the child.

When choosing children's mirrors, there are a range of sizes which need to be proportional both to the size of space you intend to use it in and of course, the size of the child or children using it. There is also the possibility to match the theme of the mirror with the space it will be placed in; there really are endless possibilities.

Considering the safety of the child as well as the aesthetics, most children’s mirrors are acrylic, making them less likely to break and more lightweight than glass. If you are considering buying a mirror as an exciting new feature for your child’s room, it’s a fine option to select an acrylic shatterproof mirror.

At Giovani Glass we have a fun and creative range of children’s mirrors. Please have a look through the range available here from the UK’s best online provider of children’s mirrors.