Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Shaving Mirrors

Shaving Mirrors
Shaving Mirrors

Providing style and function in a bathroom setting, we stock a range of shaving mirrors; extendable arms, fixed to walls, free-standing, even illuminated, there are a host of options allowing you to find the ideal piece for you. Not only do they look great, they’re also really useful for a regular task for many individuals.

 Shaving mirrors generally fit into a bathroom setting and we have a range of different style options to complement your existing décor. Whether you’re looking for a circular mirror or square, a slick silver chrome finish or a more colourful choice such as gold, pink or purple, we have options.

 There are also some truly intricate stylings available when it comes to the stem of the mirror stands, with standard straight options of course an option, but also curved, twisted and spiral designs providing an interesting touch to your mirror.

 Our illuminated mirror options add another level of functionality, allowing you to get a clearer look, or to have the right lighting for shaving without having to turn on the main bathroom light and potentially disturb those who are sleeping. An illuminated mirror understandably comes with an additional cost, but adds a feel of luxury and quality that makes it worth considering as an option.

 With a selection of shaving mirrors ranging from a few pounds in cost, up to the much higher end of the market in terms of price and design, we’re able to provide you with a host of options to find the ideal purchase for you.

 Here at Giovani Glass we’re delighted to offer a great range of different shaving mirrors, able to offer both aesthetic quality to your bathroom as well as being highly functional for a regular grooming task. So why not take a look through the New York best online provider of high quality shaving mirrors?