Sunday, August 4, 2019

Three tricks with which you can successfully position the mirror

Reception number 1: Follow the rules of Feng Shui
Following the basic concepts of Feng Shui, the mirror is the object with the location of which is not particularly improvised. Based on the concepts of this Chinese art, the shape of the mirrors should be exclusively oval. The latter should not be placed in bedrooms, as it is believed that
 mirrors take the energy of the inhabitants of the room. If you still want to have a mirror in the bedroom, do not hang it in front of your bed.

Reception number 2: Take into account the light source.

Be sure to take into account the dominant light of the room before placing the mirror there. It is strongly discouraged to hang a mirror in front of the front door, as opening the door at the height of the day, bright daylight, reflected in the mirror, will blind you. The location of the mirrors in the corridor opposite the rooms will fill them with energy, thanks to the light. If you hang 
a mirror in front of the window, this will allow street light to fill the space of the room.



Reception number 3: Take advantage of the mirror.

The mirror has various advantages, from giving beauty and sophistication to a room to a visual increase in the surrounding space. Thanks to its decorative qualities, the mirror adds a drop of charm and sophistication to the interior. This should be taken into account when placing this or that model in an unremarkable dwelling. To use the optical effect of the mirror and visually enlarge the room, you need to take into account the shape of the mirror. Thus, by positioning the mirror in width, you make the room larger. Conversely, by placing the mirror in length, you create the optical illusion of increasing the height of the ceiling.

Broken mirror - broken happiness?

Legends and beliefs, mysterious cases and paranormal phenomena, mystical coincidences and strange incidents, signs and fortune-telling - all this has become an inseparable part of a long historical train that at all times faithfully followed the mirror.

Despite ubiquitous computerization and the creation of artificial intelligence, we are all sure that a broken mirror portends a great misfortune. Until now, it is customary to hang or rotate mirrors in the house of the deceased so that unhappiness does not happen to someone close: Legend has it that the soul of the deceased, which continues to live after his death, is reflected in the mirror. There is a superstition that the reflection in the mirror is a double, the second "I" of man. Fortune-telling on mirrors, so common in the old days, is considered one of the most dangerous.
How scary to see someone else’s reflection in the mirror, suddenly appearing over your shoulder. At that moment, without looking back, you need to say “chur me”, and then the vision will disappear without causing harm. Only in no case should you turn around. Anyway, looking at the mirror at night is scary even without any fortune-telling - it can reflect anything.

It is believed that in a dream a mirror takes away our strength and energy. When we sleep, the mirror comes to life, and all people who once looked into it and who have long left this world pass in it. Researchers agree that referring to the mirror should be respected and in a good mood. After all, it reflects not only what it sees now: That is why a mirror bought, say, in an antique store or inherited by inheritance, should be thoroughly “cleaned” of possibly harmful energy. To do this, knowledgeable people are advised to wipe it with water, which has ideal energy-informational properties. There are, however, “hopeless” mirrors. Before them, even church candles go out. It is better to get rid of such a mirror right away.

Good omen - returning from halfway, look in the mirror, meet your eyes with your reflection and be sure to wish yourself good luck. After all, we are all a bit from the Looking Glass or the Kingdom of Curved Mirrors - we like to curl in the room of laughter or to gaze into the magic tube of a kaleidoscope, we see fragments of evil mirrors of the Snow Queen in the heart of Kai or good sunny bunnies reflected from a small mirror in a child’s palm.

How not to make a mistake with the choice of a C?

Thin and cheap custom mirrors can be jagged, distorting real proportions. It is advisable to choose a mirror whose glass thickness is 4-6 mm. The thicker the mirror, the better it is.

You can determine a curved mirror with a pencil or a ruler: just bring the object perpendicular to the mirror and move it in different directions. The image will slightly lag on the curved surface of the mirror.

In addition to direct reflective properties, it is worth
paying attention to:

1. The edge. The wide extreme sides, the edge of a complex configuration give the mirror a special look. But edge processing is needed more to protect the layers than to decorate. The durability and strength of the product depend on the correctly machined edge.

2. Coverage. The protective coating on the back determines the reflective properties and moisture resistance.

3. A good mirror consists of a glass sheet and 3 layers - a reflective layer, a protective coating against corrosion, a protective layer from damage.

4. Expensive mirrors are distinguished by a polymer coating, in low-cost options it is several layers of paint.

5. Smoothness will be a good sign. Any spots, dots and irregularities, as well as air bubbles should alert. The excellent quality of the product is indicated by the absence of any flaws.

Where to look for a suitable mirror:
Mirrors presented in stores are rarely diverse. If you want to show your imagination and make maximum use of the capabilities of the mirror, you need to contact the workshop.

Almost every specialized workshop is ready to offer a full range of services: cutting, processing and decoration. At the same time, an order will be executed with careful elaboration of details and in accordance with any requests, whether it is a smooth or satin surface, blue or sand, with a haze or bronze effect, with backlight or heating.

Modern mirror design

In modern interiors, one can meet mirror surfaces decorated not only in the form of traditional wall mirrors. Mirrored ceilings and walls, mirrored partitions and doors in sliding wardrobes, mirrored stained-glass windows, panels and other decorative elements are very popular.

The advantages of having multiple mirror surfaces are hard to overestimate.
- push the boundaries of the room, creating a feeling of infinite space;
- they raise it visually on the ceiling, which is invaluable at its low height;
- increase the level of natural light, spreading the sun's rays throughout the room, even if the window in it is one and a small;
- improve the mood - because when the room has a lot of light and space, the soul sings.

In addition, mirrors:
- inexpensively;
- available: room design with mirrors of all shapes and sizes everyone can afford;
- repairable: if part of the mirror rack or panel crashes, you can always order a new one and put it in place;
- easy to clean with special inexpensive means for cleaning mirrors;
- repel dust thanks to a special coating;
- durable.

Let's look at the modern trends of interior design with mirror surfaces:

Illuminated mirrors: the traditional illumination from the top or bottom of the mirrors, which is widely used in the design of bathrooms or hallways, is gradually losing ground in front of more modern interior lighting. Lighting elements in the latter case are placed behind the reflective surface.

Televisions with a mirror surface: a new trend in the design of residential premises. When turned off, you will see a large mirror, and when turned on, television programs.

Facet mirrors: facet are numerous faces that reproduce sunbeams-bunnies around the house. Such mirrors first appeared many centuries ago in medieval Venice. The facet today is experiencing a rebirth along with panel mirrors and mirrored stained glass windows.

Curly mirrors: unconditionally square and rectangular, oval and round, and even mirror-waves perfectly fulfill their main function. But as an element of decor, mirrors made in the form of some shape are very popular today: flowers, trees, silhouettes.

Multifunctional mirrors: we have already mentioned mirror doors. It is not uncommon to find interior mirror partitions made of durable impact-resistant triplex. All kinds of interior items are made from mirrors: racks, watches, etc.

Decorative mirrors: this type of mirror is presented in the largest assortment. Decorative mirrors are mirrors in frames of various shapes and styles, mirrors with color and matte patterns printed on them, mirrors with gilding, artificially aged, with rhinestones, with inserts, etc.

Mirror inserts in the form of individual elements have become very widespread in modern interiors. They will help create interesting optical illusions and add sophisticated glamor to the interior. If the mirror ceiling in some people can cause a feeling of rejection, then the mirror inserts on top will add space to light and air.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

How to hang decorative mirrors?

Decorative mirrors are used for various purposes, two of which are giving a room a special look and a larger size. To achieve these goals you need to know how to properly hang a mirror. To hang properly is not only to give depth to a room, but also to make it look like a work of art.
Ideally, decorative mirrors are hung in such a way as to reflect something interesting. Decorators usually make sure that mirrors reflect art collections, vases of flowers or nature. In the placement of mirrors to achieve such goals, you must have some creative impulse. Such mirrors imply that objects will be visible from various directions. If you like nature, think over the location of the mirrors, so that the view of nature on the street moves into your room. Obviously, such use is not recommended for mirrors in which you look and evaluate your reflection.
As for security, of course, it should be in the first place. No matter how small the decorative mirror looks like, always remember that they are heavier than they seem. To ensure their stability in place and minimize the risk of their falling, use sturdy studs to secure them. If in doubt, go to the hardware store and buy a few molly bolts, or ask a specialist for help.
Mirrors should be hung at eye level to make it easier to see your image. Mirrors installed for consumer purposes are ideal for placement in bathrooms, dressing rooms or hallways. These are the places where people, dressed, usually evaluate their reflection.
Create a spectacular look, contrasting the mirror with your decor. If your style is modern, then add a bold accent by hanging an antique decorative mirror in the room. For an elaborate style, the simplest mirror will be suitable as a basic detail in order to dilute this style. The placement of mirrors of different sizes in any places also gives a special character to the room.
Placing the light source in front of the mirror gives the impression of greater illumination. In small rooms, it actually adds brightness, as the light is reflected back. Hanging mirrors in small bathrooms and hallways are ideal for creating this kind of effect. You can also think about placing photos around a decorative mirror to create beautiful scenes or a genre picture.

How to choose a mirror in the house?

When choosing mirrors for design, you must consider the size, shape and style of the mirror. A very important role is played by the location of the mirror, the place where you plan to hang it. Do not forget whether mirrors with a complex structure are suitable for your environment. Remember, mirrors are not only what you see, but what you really want to look at!
The bathroom is one of the most obvious places where a mirror is hung. But do not be trivial to choose this type of decor. Instead of the traditional rectangular mirror above the sink, choose a mirror of a more interesting shape. Even if its design is rather simple, an oval, oblong shape will look like an element of decor in a given room. Since the oval is mirrored i
n the form of a washbasin and is still compensated by rectangular lights on both sides, a very interesting look is created.
On the other hand, you can not change the rectangular or square forms of mirrors, but you can emphasize them favorably by choosing a frame with an interesting ornament, thereby enriching the bathroom. With the help of such techniques you can take a deep breath, dream in your bathroom before you plunge into the daily bustle.
Choosing a mirror for your apartment, do not neglect the color. Whether it is a bathroom or another room, the mirror should be selected in accordance with the space where it will be located.
The living room is a great place for large format mirrors. Such mirrors are rather works of art in which ambient light is reflected. The choice of simple but interesting mirror designs is as important as the choice of design for the rooms.
Even if the mirror does not occupy the entire living room, it can play a key role in the design. Metal products located around the mirror is artistic and interesting. This only complements the overall concept of the room, without diverting attention from works of art and pillows, which are also a bright accent of the room.
If there are any hanging objects in your room that you would like to highlight, you can carefully place a simple mirror so that all eyes are focused on the desired object. Thus, the mirror plays an amazing supporting role in the design of the room.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Mirror frame material

A mirror is an integral part of every interior. It bears not only a functional load, but is, if not the main decorative element of the room, then certainly an important one. Mirror in the interior - a very versatile item. In addition to the main purpose, it is able to visually change the space and emphasize the style of the interior.

With the help of mirrors, you can optically expand the room by hanging one or more mirrors on the wall. Competently located mirror panels and mirrors in frames will help, if necessary, to highlight a dark corner, to make a light focus on a niche or opening in the wall.

In the case of a successful design, the mirror can turn out to be both a center to which the rest of the decorative solution of the space will be attached, as well as a small but spectacular detail. The mirror, decorated in a frame frame, looks spectacular and becomes an independent piece of furniture. They allow you to transform the room, decorate it and even completely change the style.

If you use rich and original frames for mirrors, then they become a real designer find. A room in which a beautiful mirror frames a rich baguette looks very elegant and cozy.

Unlike paintings, where the baguette, with its color and shape, must obey the color gamut of colors, the volume of the picture and the rhythm of the brush created by its master, the baguette for the mirror obeys other laws. Baguette must be selected under the style of the existing interior.

Frames, especially wide, massive, increase the "force of attraction" of the mirror, make it meaningful, if not the central object of the interior, so you need to carefully ensure that the shape, color and style of the baguette harmoniously fit into the design of the room, not dissonant with other details of the situation. .

A very strong element in the design of a mirror is a facet - a way to design a mirror canvas, which is an edge of a mirror 5–40 mm wide, beveled at an angle of 7-20 degrees. The facet mirror gets an additional decorative look, it looks more elegant and stylish.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Mirror mosaic in the interior

Mirror mosaic is gaining big popularity in the interior. Mirror mosaic offers a lot of possibilities for unusual interior design and opens completely new horizons in the decor of the premises. The mirror mosaic in the interior may consist of pieces of the same shape and size or may be a mix of different pieces. Manufacturers offer a mosaic spreading, and a mosaic with sizing on a grid - you can choose the most convenient option.

The edge of the mosaic particles may have a matted or polished surface. Also, facets can be used to design the edges of a mirror mosaic. A mirror mosaic is made with additional protection, which allows you to enclose a mosaic in especially wet areas, and without protection - for dry rooms.
The use of mirror mosaics in the interior is very wide. This mosaic is great for decorating almost any room in the house, such as a kitchen or bathroom, bedroom, living room or hallway. Usually, prefabricated mirror mosaic decorative panels are used, but you can also cover whole fragments of walls, ceilings, floors with the mirror mosaic.

It is still very good to apply a glass mosaic for decorating various interior items. Vases, pillows, tables, shelves, doors, partitions - all this will get an extremely interesting sound in the interior. If you create a glass mosaic column or, for example, a niche in the room, then it will create interesting optical effects.
The mirror mosaic is very similar to a mirror tile, but, of course, it is much smaller in size: slices of a mirror mosaic are usually made in sizes of 1x1 cm, 2x2 cm, 3x3 cm, and so on. In addition, the mirror mosaic is thinner than glass or ceramic, and therefore its particles should not be very strongly pressed in a special glue.

The mirror mosaic in the interior often becomes the focus of attention, catching enthusiastic views and creating interesting effects. Giovani Glass suggest you choose such a mosaic for the interior decoration of your own apartment or house, you should not doubt: bright impressions are guaranteed.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

How mirrors can change interior

Mirrored walls
The whole wall, decorated with a mirrored tile, mosaic or plates of an aged mirror, is a beautiful decorative accent. It is especially appropriate in small and poorly lit spaces. Of course, avoid a large cupboard or a very bright object near the mirror: furniture should not attract much attention. Make sure that the mirror surface is fractional: the usual mirror on the entire wall can be traumatic, and overly realistic reflection of the room will block up the interior. Well, of course, taking care of such a wall requires special patience - this is definitely an option not for lazy ones.
A set of mirrors
An excellent solution is to hang several mirrors of a moderate size instead of one large one. So, you can hang three identical horizontal or vertical mirrors on the console in the living room or in the hallway. An empty wall can be decorated with a collection of small mirrors in different frames. They will equally reflect the light, making the interior more interesting.

Mirror furniture
It is better to refuse from mirrored doors, built in the closet, but small-sized furniture with mirrored surfaces will be a great decoration of the room. Do not overdo it: bedside tables, console or dressing table will be enough. Mirror furniture is best used in interiors with light and monochrome walls and floors. So it will not get lost on the background of vivid patterns and a variety of shades.
What to avoid
We must remember that mirrors should not be put in some places. For example, in front of the front door: every time you enter the house, you will see your reflection in the mirror, and in the dark, it can create a sense of danger. Do not hang a mirror in the southern room right in front of the window: it will make the lighting too bright, and the reflection of the sun will beat in your eyes. Mirror ceiling is only suitable in a very high room and in the case if it is a decorative move on which the entire interior is constructed, but it is not good got a decoration of an apartment with a low ceiling.

Giovani Glass will offer you a wide range of mirrors and mirror elements, we can find something for everybody.

Monday, February 25, 2019


Mirror tiles will give your interior extra luxury and uniqueness. Mirror tiles can be made of a mirror of any color, and diamond edges around the perimeter of the tile will make any space shine. Any mirror surface visually ‘increases’ the space, which is very important for small bathrooms. The mirror tile is not difficult in installation, is eco-friendly and is perfectly combined with any finishing materials. In addition to traditional polishing the edges of the mirrors, facet on the mirror is in great demand. Facet is one of the mirror finishing methods, it can be 10-40mm wide. A facet will give the mirrors a finished, diamond-edged look and perfectly fit into the classic interior. You can order a mirror of any size with a facet at Giovani Glass.
The merits of mirror tiles.
Fixing reliability
Using modern adhesives and competent styling technology, you can be sure of the strength of fixing tiles on the wall.
Mirror tile looks expensive and stylish in any interior. Even with budget repair, it will look interesting. At the same time, its versatility allows mirror tiles to be perfectly combined with the traditionally luxurious wood and natural stone.

Variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.
Traditional tile has the shape of a square and a "silvery" shade of the surface. Giovani Glass make for you a tile of any size using the pattern you like.
The ability to visually expand the space.
Mirror visually ‘pulls’ the room. This advantage is particularly important when designing typical bathrooms, which, as a rule, are extremely small in size. A regular tile will enhance the impression of blank walls, and a mirror will help to eliminate the oppressive atmosphere of a closed room.
Low ceilings will ‘rise’ higher, especially if you use the effect of placing long tiles at the bottom of the wall and gradually shortening upwards.
Ability to eliminate room defects
Mirror tiles can successfully cover drawbacks of the room, and at the same time to be a fine element of decor. Thus, an absolutely unnecessary part of the room easily turns into a visual accent of the whole interior.

Composite structure
Due to the fact that the mirror panel consists of individual elements, this allows to increase its durability and facilitate repair work. Compare such a panel with a solid mirror. Suppose you messed up or destroyed a fragile mirror surface. The mirror, in this case, will definitely go to the garbage, but the damaged tile can be easily replaced without disturbing the overall composition.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Mirrors in the bathroom

There are secret design techniques that allow you to turn the most ordinary and unremarkable bathroom into an elegantly furnished room. One of them is a competent use of mirrors. For example, a mirror wall in a bathroom is a fashionable and stylish solution that attracts many homeowners. But not everyone is ready for its implementation since they consider the installation of such a wall to be very difficult.
What should be taken into account by those who are going to turn one of the bathroom walls into a large mirror? Experiments with reflective surfaces are a favorite topic of many designers. After all, it has long been known that with the help of mirrors you can create additional lighting and visually change the size of the room. This includes a nice bonus in the form of a decorative effect.

Moisture resistance is the main criterion
The usual interior mirror is not suitable for the bathroom. It needs to be moisture resistant. Otherwise, after a few months, the amalgam on its backside will begin to break down due to the specific microclimate of the bathroom.
You can use the mirror for your bathroom is the following way:
• solid mirror of large size;
• several wide mirror sheets;
• a facing tile from a mirror, having the same parameters, as a usual ceramic tile for a bathroom;
• small mirror mosaic.

Giovani Glass will help you with the design and installation of mirrors of any design.
Everybody knows about the main advantages of the mirror -it looks stylish and expensive, optically expands a small room and, under artificial light, becomes a kind of “amplifier” of light fluxes.
It is recommended to place the mirror wall in the bathroom so that it is far enough away from the bathtub or shower. The word ‘mirror’ is associated with brilliance, gloss and flawless shine, so it will often have to be cleaned. In the case of a full wall, covered with such material, this process takes a lot of time but is easy enough.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Mirrors In Your Home

Areas of use and principles for the location of mirrors
When installing a mirror, it is necessary to remember that it should be as comfortable as possible for all family members: a tall person does not have to bend down to see how a hat sits, and a short one to rise on toes in order to consider the fit of a jacket.

It is better to choose mirrors as large as possible for corridors or to have a closet with a built-in facade mirror from ceiling to floor. The figure should not be split up, a person should easily evaluate the appearance from the top of the head to the sole of the shoes, therefore the mirror should be positioned at a distance of no more than 25-30 cm from the floor. The top edge of the mirror should be at least 20 cm taller than the tallest family member.

A mirror can be used for a different purpose in living rooms, but it should reflect the room in a beneficial way. You can arrange it in such a way that the composition of the paintings on the opposite wall is clearly reflected, or it can reflect a window with a view to the garden. The classic method of positioning the mirror over the fireplace will increase the height of the room and will make it optically slightly lighter.
Sometimes a rather large mirror is placed in the bedroom opposite the bed or along it. It is not recommended to do this, the reflection may confuse and disturb you. It is better to move the mirror so that it is located at the foot of the bed, or behind its back - then it will not cause anxiety.

The mirror in the dining room is rather an exception, and such design idea is even somewhat awkward as not many people will enjoy to constantly watch the reflection of themselves and other guests while eating. But there can be another option – to decorate the area around the dining table with mirrored panels with sandblasting, facet carving or partial matting.
Giovani Glass specialists will gladly help you with mirror design and installation.