Monday, February 25, 2019


Mirror tiles will give your interior extra luxury and uniqueness. Mirror tiles can be made of a mirror of any color, and diamond edges around the perimeter of the tile will make any space shine. Any mirror surface visually ‘increases’ the space, which is very important for small bathrooms. The mirror tile is not difficult in installation, is eco-friendly and is perfectly combined with any finishing materials. In addition to traditional polishing the edges of the mirrors, facet on the mirror is in great demand. Facet is one of the mirror finishing methods, it can be 10-40mm wide. A facet will give the mirrors a finished, diamond-edged look and perfectly fit into the classic interior. You can order a mirror of any size with a facet at Giovani Glass.
The merits of mirror tiles.
Fixing reliability
Using modern adhesives and competent styling technology, you can be sure of the strength of fixing tiles on the wall.
Mirror tile looks expensive and stylish in any interior. Even with budget repair, it will look interesting. At the same time, its versatility allows mirror tiles to be perfectly combined with the traditionally luxurious wood and natural stone.

Variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.
Traditional tile has the shape of a square and a "silvery" shade of the surface. Giovani Glass make for you a tile of any size using the pattern you like.
The ability to visually expand the space.
Mirror visually ‘pulls’ the room. This advantage is particularly important when designing typical bathrooms, which, as a rule, are extremely small in size. A regular tile will enhance the impression of blank walls, and a mirror will help to eliminate the oppressive atmosphere of a closed room.
Low ceilings will ‘rise’ higher, especially if you use the effect of placing long tiles at the bottom of the wall and gradually shortening upwards.
Ability to eliminate room defects
Mirror tiles can successfully cover drawbacks of the room, and at the same time to be a fine element of decor. Thus, an absolutely unnecessary part of the room easily turns into a visual accent of the whole interior.

Composite structure
Due to the fact that the mirror panel consists of individual elements, this allows to increase its durability and facilitate repair work. Compare such a panel with a solid mirror. Suppose you messed up or destroyed a fragile mirror surface. The mirror, in this case, will definitely go to the garbage, but the damaged tile can be easily replaced without disturbing the overall composition.