Sunday, February 17, 2019

Mirrors In Your Home

Areas of use and principles for the location of mirrors
When installing a mirror, it is necessary to remember that it should be as comfortable as possible for all family members: a tall person does not have to bend down to see how a hat sits, and a short one to rise on toes in order to consider the fit of a jacket.

It is better to choose mirrors as large as possible for corridors or to have a closet with a built-in facade mirror from ceiling to floor. The figure should not be split up, a person should easily evaluate the appearance from the top of the head to the sole of the shoes, therefore the mirror should be positioned at a distance of no more than 25-30 cm from the floor. The top edge of the mirror should be at least 20 cm taller than the tallest family member.

A mirror can be used for a different purpose in living rooms, but it should reflect the room in a beneficial way. You can arrange it in such a way that the composition of the paintings on the opposite wall is clearly reflected, or it can reflect a window with a view to the garden. The classic method of positioning the mirror over the fireplace will increase the height of the room and will make it optically slightly lighter.
Sometimes a rather large mirror is placed in the bedroom opposite the bed or along it. It is not recommended to do this, the reflection may confuse and disturb you. It is better to move the mirror so that it is located at the foot of the bed, or behind its back - then it will not cause anxiety.

The mirror in the dining room is rather an exception, and such design idea is even somewhat awkward as not many people will enjoy to constantly watch the reflection of themselves and other guests while eating. But there can be another option – to decorate the area around the dining table with mirrored panels with sandblasting, facet carving or partial matting.
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