Tuesday, March 19, 2019

How mirrors can change interior

Mirrored walls
The whole wall, decorated with a mirrored tile, mosaic or plates of an aged mirror, is a beautiful decorative accent. It is especially appropriate in small and poorly lit spaces. Of course, avoid a large cupboard or a very bright object near the mirror: furniture should not attract much attention. Make sure that the mirror surface is fractional: the usual mirror on the entire wall can be traumatic, and overly realistic reflection of the room will block up the interior. Well, of course, taking care of such a wall requires special patience - this is definitely an option not for lazy ones.
A set of mirrors
An excellent solution is to hang several mirrors of a moderate size instead of one large one. So, you can hang three identical horizontal or vertical mirrors on the console in the living room or in the hallway. An empty wall can be decorated with a collection of small mirrors in different frames. They will equally reflect the light, making the interior more interesting.

Mirror furniture
It is better to refuse from mirrored doors, built in the closet, but small-sized furniture with mirrored surfaces will be a great decoration of the room. Do not overdo it: bedside tables, console or dressing table will be enough. Mirror furniture is best used in interiors with light and monochrome walls and floors. So it will not get lost on the background of vivid patterns and a variety of shades.
What to avoid
We must remember that mirrors should not be put in some places. For example, in front of the front door: every time you enter the house, you will see your reflection in the mirror, and in the dark, it can create a sense of danger. Do not hang a mirror in the southern room right in front of the window: it will make the lighting too bright, and the reflection of the sun will beat in your eyes. Mirror ceiling is only suitable in a very high room and in the case if it is a decorative move on which the entire interior is constructed, but it is not good got a decoration of an apartment with a low ceiling.

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