Wednesday, June 26, 2019

How to hang decorative mirrors?

Decorative mirrors are used for various purposes, two of which are giving a room a special look and a larger size. To achieve these goals you need to know how to properly hang a mirror. To hang properly is not only to give depth to a room, but also to make it look like a work of art.
Ideally, decorative mirrors are hung in such a way as to reflect something interesting. Decorators usually make sure that mirrors reflect art collections, vases of flowers or nature. In the placement of mirrors to achieve such goals, you must have some creative impulse. Such mirrors imply that objects will be visible from various directions. If you like nature, think over the location of the mirrors, so that the view of nature on the street moves into your room. Obviously, such use is not recommended for mirrors in which you look and evaluate your reflection.
As for security, of course, it should be in the first place. No matter how small the decorative mirror looks like, always remember that they are heavier than they seem. To ensure their stability in place and minimize the risk of their falling, use sturdy studs to secure them. If in doubt, go to the hardware store and buy a few molly bolts, or ask a specialist for help.
Mirrors should be hung at eye level to make it easier to see your image. Mirrors installed for consumer purposes are ideal for placement in bathrooms, dressing rooms or hallways. These are the places where people, dressed, usually evaluate their reflection.
Create a spectacular look, contrasting the mirror with your decor. If your style is modern, then add a bold accent by hanging an antique decorative mirror in the room. For an elaborate style, the simplest mirror will be suitable as a basic detail in order to dilute this style. The placement of mirrors of different sizes in any places also gives a special character to the room.
Placing the light source in front of the mirror gives the impression of greater illumination. In small rooms, it actually adds brightness, as the light is reflected back. Hanging mirrors in small bathrooms and hallways are ideal for creating this kind of effect. You can also think about placing photos around a decorative mirror to create beautiful scenes or a genre picture.

How to choose a mirror in the house?

When choosing mirrors for design, you must consider the size, shape and style of the mirror. A very important role is played by the location of the mirror, the place where you plan to hang it. Do not forget whether mirrors with a complex structure are suitable for your environment. Remember, mirrors are not only what you see, but what you really want to look at!
The bathroom is one of the most obvious places where a mirror is hung. But do not be trivial to choose this type of decor. Instead of the traditional rectangular mirror above the sink, choose a mirror of a more interesting shape. Even if its design is rather simple, an oval, oblong shape will look like an element of decor in a given room. Since the oval is mirrored i
n the form of a washbasin and is still compensated by rectangular lights on both sides, a very interesting look is created.
On the other hand, you can not change the rectangular or square forms of mirrors, but you can emphasize them favorably by choosing a frame with an interesting ornament, thereby enriching the bathroom. With the help of such techniques you can take a deep breath, dream in your bathroom before you plunge into the daily bustle.
Choosing a mirror for your apartment, do not neglect the color. Whether it is a bathroom or another room, the mirror should be selected in accordance with the space where it will be located.
The living room is a great place for large format mirrors. Such mirrors are rather works of art in which ambient light is reflected. The choice of simple but interesting mirror designs is as important as the choice of design for the rooms.
Even if the mirror does not occupy the entire living room, it can play a key role in the design. Metal products located around the mirror is artistic and interesting. This only complements the overall concept of the room, without diverting attention from works of art and pillows, which are also a bright accent of the room.
If there are any hanging objects in your room that you would like to highlight, you can carefully place a simple mirror so that all eyes are focused on the desired object. Thus, the mirror plays an amazing supporting role in the design of the room.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Mirror frame material

A mirror is an integral part of every interior. It bears not only a functional load, but is, if not the main decorative element of the room, then certainly an important one. Mirror in the interior - a very versatile item. In addition to the main purpose, it is able to visually change the space and emphasize the style of the interior.

With the help of mirrors, you can optically expand the room by hanging one or more mirrors on the wall. Competently located mirror panels and mirrors in frames will help, if necessary, to highlight a dark corner, to make a light focus on a niche or opening in the wall.

In the case of a successful design, the mirror can turn out to be both a center to which the rest of the decorative solution of the space will be attached, as well as a small but spectacular detail. The mirror, decorated in a frame frame, looks spectacular and becomes an independent piece of furniture. They allow you to transform the room, decorate it and even completely change the style.

If you use rich and original frames for mirrors, then they become a real designer find. A room in which a beautiful mirror frames a rich baguette looks very elegant and cozy.

Unlike paintings, where the baguette, with its color and shape, must obey the color gamut of colors, the volume of the picture and the rhythm of the brush created by its master, the baguette for the mirror obeys other laws. Baguette must be selected under the style of the existing interior.

Frames, especially wide, massive, increase the "force of attraction" of the mirror, make it meaningful, if not the central object of the interior, so you need to carefully ensure that the shape, color and style of the baguette harmoniously fit into the design of the room, not dissonant with other details of the situation. .

A very strong element in the design of a mirror is a facet - a way to design a mirror canvas, which is an edge of a mirror 5–40 mm wide, beveled at an angle of 7-20 degrees. The facet mirror gets an additional decorative look, it looks more elegant and stylish.