Sunday, August 4, 2019

Broken mirror - broken happiness?

Legends and beliefs, mysterious cases and paranormal phenomena, mystical coincidences and strange incidents, signs and fortune-telling - all this has become an inseparable part of a long historical train that at all times faithfully followed the mirror.

Despite ubiquitous computerization and the creation of artificial intelligence, we are all sure that a broken mirror portends a great misfortune. Until now, it is customary to hang or rotate mirrors in the house of the deceased so that unhappiness does not happen to someone close: Legend has it that the soul of the deceased, which continues to live after his death, is reflected in the mirror. There is a superstition that the reflection in the mirror is a double, the second "I" of man. Fortune-telling on mirrors, so common in the old days, is considered one of the most dangerous.
How scary to see someone else’s reflection in the mirror, suddenly appearing over your shoulder. At that moment, without looking back, you need to say “chur me”, and then the vision will disappear without causing harm. Only in no case should you turn around. Anyway, looking at the mirror at night is scary even without any fortune-telling - it can reflect anything.

It is believed that in a dream a mirror takes away our strength and energy. When we sleep, the mirror comes to life, and all people who once looked into it and who have long left this world pass in it. Researchers agree that referring to the mirror should be respected and in a good mood. After all, it reflects not only what it sees now: That is why a mirror bought, say, in an antique store or inherited by inheritance, should be thoroughly “cleaned” of possibly harmful energy. To do this, knowledgeable people are advised to wipe it with water, which has ideal energy-informational properties. There are, however, “hopeless” mirrors. Before them, even church candles go out. It is better to get rid of such a mirror right away.

Good omen - returning from halfway, look in the mirror, meet your eyes with your reflection and be sure to wish yourself good luck. After all, we are all a bit from the Looking Glass or the Kingdom of Curved Mirrors - we like to curl in the room of laughter or to gaze into the magic tube of a kaleidoscope, we see fragments of evil mirrors of the Snow Queen in the heart of Kai or good sunny bunnies reflected from a small mirror in a child’s palm.