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Often referred to by the different reigning monarchs during the time periods they were first manufactured the Edwardian, Georgian, Victorian and Regency ranges can be then further broken down into specific styles. Some of the popular and familiar styles would be Neoclassical, Rococo, Baroque, Art Nouveau and the ever popular Gothic.


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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Three tricks with which you can successfully position the mirror

Reception number 1: Follow the rules of Feng Shui
Following the basic concepts of Feng Shui, the mirror is the object with the location of which is not particularly improvised. Based on the concepts of this Chinese art, the shape of the mirrors should be exclusively oval. The latter should not be placed in bedrooms, as it is believed that
 mirrors take the energy of the inhabitants of the room. If you still want to have a mirror in the bedroom, do not hang it in front of your bed.

Reception number 2: Take into account the light source.

Be sure to take into account the dominant light of the room before placing the mirror there. It is strongly discouraged to hang a mirror in front of the front door, as opening the door at the height of the day, bright daylight, reflected in the mirror, will blind you. The location of the mirrors in the corridor opposite the rooms will fill them with energy, thanks to the light. If you hang 
a mirror in front of the window, this will allow street light to fill the space of the room.



Reception number 3: Take advantage of the mirror.

The mirror has various advantages, from giving beauty and sophistication to a room to a visual increase in the surrounding space. Thanks to its decorative qualities, the mirror adds a drop of charm and sophistication to the interior. This should be taken into account when placing this or that model in an unremarkable dwelling. To use the optical effect of the mirror and visually enlarge the room, you need to take into account the shape of the mirror. Thus, by positioning the mirror in width, you make the room larger. Conversely, by placing the mirror in length, you create the optical illusion of increasing the height of the ceiling.

Broken mirror - broken happiness?

Legends and beliefs, mysterious cases and paranormal phenomena, mystical coincidences and strange incidents, signs and fortune-telling - all this has become an inseparable part of a long historical train that at all times faithfully followed the mirror.

Despite ubiquitous computerization and the creation of artificial intelligence, we are all sure that a broken mirror portends a great misfortune. Until now, it is customary to hang or rotate mirrors in the house of the deceased so that unhappiness does not happen to someone close: Legend has it that the soul of the deceased, which continues to live after his death, is reflected in the mirror. There is a superstition that the reflection in the mirror is a double, the second "I" of man. Fortune-telling on mirrors, so common in the old days, is considered one of the most dangerous.
How scary to see someone else’s reflection in the mirror, suddenly appearing over your shoulder. At that moment, without looking back, you need to say “chur me”, and then the vision will disappear without causing harm. Only in no case should you turn around. Anyway, looking at the mirror at night is scary even without any fortune-telling - it can reflect anything.

It is believed that in a dream a mirror takes away our strength and energy. When we sleep, the mirror comes to life, and all people who once looked into it and who have long left this world pass in it. Researchers agree that referring to the mirror should be respected and in a good mood. After all, it reflects not only what it sees now: That is why a mirror bought, say, in an antique store or inherited by inheritance, should be thoroughly “cleaned” of possibly harmful energy. To do this, knowledgeable people are advised to wipe it with water, which has ideal energy-informational properties. There are, however, “hopeless” mirrors. Before them, even church candles go out. It is better to get rid of such a mirror right away.

Good omen - returning from halfway, look in the mirror, meet your eyes with your reflection and be sure to wish yourself good luck. After all, we are all a bit from the Looking Glass or the Kingdom of Curved Mirrors - we like to curl in the room of laughter or to gaze into the magic tube of a kaleidoscope, we see fragments of evil mirrors of the Snow Queen in the heart of Kai or good sunny bunnies reflected from a small mirror in a child’s palm.

How not to make a mistake with the choice of a C?

Thin and cheap custom mirrors can be jagged, distorting real proportions. It is advisable to choose a mirror whose glass thickness is 4-6 mm. The thicker the mirror, the better it is.

You can determine a curved mirror with a pencil or a ruler: just bring the object perpendicular to the mirror and move it in different directions. The image will slightly lag on the curved surface of the mirror.

In addition to direct reflective properties, it is worth
paying attention to:

1. The edge. The wide extreme sides, the edge of a complex configuration give the mirror a special look. But edge processing is needed more to protect the layers than to decorate. The durability and strength of the product depend on the correctly machined edge.

2. Coverage. The protective coating on the back determines the reflective properties and moisture resistance.

3. A good mirror consists of a glass sheet and 3 layers - a reflective layer, a protective coating against corrosion, a protective layer from damage.

4. Expensive mirrors are distinguished by a polymer coating, in low-cost options it is several layers of paint.

5. Smoothness will be a good sign. Any spots, dots and irregularities, as well as air bubbles should alert. The excellent quality of the product is indicated by the absence of any flaws.

Where to look for a suitable mirror:
Mirrors presented in stores are rarely diverse. If you want to show your imagination and make maximum use of the capabilities of the mirror, you need to contact the workshop.

Almost every specialized workshop is ready to offer a full range of services: cutting, processing and decoration. At the same time, an order will be executed with careful elaboration of details and in accordance with any requests, whether it is a smooth or satin surface, blue or sand, with a haze or bronze effect, with backlight or heating.

Modern mirror design

In modern interiors, one can meet mirror surfaces decorated not only in the form of traditional wall mirrors. Mirrored ceilings and walls, mirrored partitions and doors in sliding wardrobes, mirrored stained-glass windows, panels and other decorative elements are very popular.

The advantages of having multiple mirror surfaces are hard to overestimate.
- push the boundaries of the room, creating a feeling of infinite space;
- they raise it visually on the ceiling, which is invaluable at its low height;
- increase the level of natural light, spreading the sun's rays throughout the room, even if the window in it is one and a small;
- improve the mood - because when the room has a lot of light and space, the soul sings.

In addition, mirrors:
- inexpensively;
- available: room design with mirrors of all shapes and sizes everyone can afford;
- repairable: if part of the mirror rack or panel crashes, you can always order a new one and put it in place;
- easy to clean with special inexpensive means for cleaning mirrors;
- repel dust thanks to a special coating;
- durable.

Let's look at the modern trends of interior design with mirror surfaces:

Illuminated mirrors: the traditional illumination from the top or bottom of the mirrors, which is widely used in the design of bathrooms or hallways, is gradually losing ground in front of more modern interior lighting. Lighting elements in the latter case are placed behind the reflective surface.

Televisions with a mirror surface: a new trend in the design of residential premises. When turned off, you will see a large mirror, and when turned on, television programs.

Facet mirrors: facet are numerous faces that reproduce sunbeams-bunnies around the house. Such mirrors first appeared many centuries ago in medieval Venice. The facet today is experiencing a rebirth along with panel mirrors and mirrored stained glass windows.

Curly mirrors: unconditionally square and rectangular, oval and round, and even mirror-waves perfectly fulfill their main function. But as an element of decor, mirrors made in the form of some shape are very popular today: flowers, trees, silhouettes.

Multifunctional mirrors: we have already mentioned mirror doors. It is not uncommon to find interior mirror partitions made of durable impact-resistant triplex. All kinds of interior items are made from mirrors: racks, watches, etc.

Decorative mirrors: this type of mirror is presented in the largest assortment. Decorative mirrors are mirrors in frames of various shapes and styles, mirrors with color and matte patterns printed on them, mirrors with gilding, artificially aged, with rhinestones, with inserts, etc.

Mirror inserts in the form of individual elements have become very widespread in modern interiors. They will help create interesting optical illusions and add sophisticated glamor to the interior. If the mirror ceiling in some people can cause a feeling of rejection, then the mirror inserts on top will add space to light and air.