Sunday, August 4, 2019

Modern mirror design

Modern mirror design
Modern mirror design 
In modern interiors, one can meet mirror surfaces decorated not only in the form of traditional wall mirrors. Mirrored ceilings and walls, mirrored partitions and doors in sliding wardrobes, mirrored stained-glass windows, panels and other decorative elements are very popular.

The advantages of having multiple mirror surfaces are hard to overestimate.
- push the boundaries of the room, creating a feeling of infinite space;
- they raise it visually on the ceiling, which is invaluable at its low height;
- increase the level of natural light, spreading the sun's rays throughout the room, even if the window in it is one and a small;
- improve the mood - because when the room has a lot of light and space, the soul sings.

In addition, mirrors:
- inexpensively;
- available: room design with mirrors of all shapes and sizes everyone can afford;
- repairable: if part of the mirror rack or panel crashes, you can always order a new one and put it in place;
- easy to clean with special inexpensive means for cleaning mirrors;
- repel dust thanks to a special coating;
- durable.
Modern mirror design
Modern mirror design 

Let's look at the modern trends of interior design with mirror surfaces:

Illuminated mirrors: the traditional illumination from the top or bottom of the mirrors, which is widely used in the design of bathrooms or hallways, is gradually losing ground in front of more modern interior lighting. Lighting elements in the latter case are placed behind the reflective surface.

Televisions with a mirror surface: a new trend in the design of residential premises. When turned off, you will see a large mirror, and when turned on, television programs.

Facet mirrors: facet are numerous faces that reproduce sunbeams-bunnies around the house. Such mirrors first appeared many centuries ago in medieval Venice. The facet today is experiencing a rebirth along with panel mirrors and mirrored stained glass windows.

Curly mirrors: unconditionally square and rectangular, oval and round, and even mirror-waves perfectly fulfill their main function. But as an element of decor, mirrors made in the form of some shape are very popular today: flowers, trees, silhouettes.
Modern mirror design
Modern mirror design 

Multifunctional mirrors: we have already mentioned mirror doors. It is not uncommon to find interior mirror partitions made of durable impact-resistant triplex. All kinds of interior items are made from mirrors: racks, watches, etc.

Decorative mirrors: this type of mirror is presented in the largest assortment. Decorative mirrors are mirrors in frames of various shapes and styles, mirrors with color and matte patterns printed on them, mirrors with gilding, artificially aged, with rhinestones, with inserts, etc.

Mirror inserts in the form of individual elements have become very widespread in modern interiors. They will help create interesting optical illusions and add sophisticated glamor to the interior. If the mirror ceiling in some people can cause a feeling of rejection, then the mirror inserts on top will add space to light and air.