Are free estimates offered?

We do offer free estimates, but recommend that you provide approximate measurements. This will ensure that we are able to give you a starting price point before the on-site measuring. Our service area is New York (NYC) Brooklyn,Queens,staten island,Bronx, Parts of new jersey.

What types of mirrors is offered?

Many types of mirrors we have available, for children, for adults, classic, contemporary, for shaving, full size and much more ..

How should a mirror be hung?

With the exception of small mirror, all mirrors should be hung using special wall fixing designed for the purpose of hanging mirrors. Unlike normal framed pictures, mirrors are considerably heavier and require stronger and more secure fixings. You should not hang a mirror using string, twine or even wire.

What is bevelled glass?
With a bevelled glass mirror, a narrow border (approx 30mm) around the outer edge of the glass is cut with a slight slope / chisel-edge for an attractive effect especially when framed. Plain (un-framed) mirrors usually have normal polished edges.

How long will it be before I receive my mirror?
We are usually able to prepare and ship mirrors within 10 working days.
Mirrors that are made-to-measure or to a customer’s design will take around 3 working weeks.

What if my mirror does not look right in my home?
We accept that occasionally a customer will order a mirror in the belief it will fit-in to their existing d├ęcor, only to find that it doesn’t or is much bigger than they realised!. In these circumstances we will accept the mirror back (providing it is undamaged and in its original packaging) and we will supply a more suitable alternative or a refund (less any carriage costs incurred)

What happens in my mirror arrives damaged?
Even with our exceptional packaging, it is always possible for a mirror to be damaged en-route. In such cases on receipt of the returned mirror, we will supply a replacement mirror at no cost to you.

Can you make a mirror that is very large?
Yes, in most cases, the designs we offer can be manufactured as a ‘made-to-measure’ size up to 7 feet / 2m. However carriage costs for large mirrors are higher.